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August Jigarre Jammin’

Jigarre Jammin’ will be on again on August 27 from 10am, love to see you there!

September Jigarre Jammin’

September will be Camp and Sing month!  Join us from Friday afternoon until Sunday lunchtime or just for the usual Saturday.

Here’s what happened at our April Sing and Camp:

Making music anywhere and everywhere!

Making music anywhere and everywhere!

Camp & Sing in Girgarre

It’s all happened again – a wonderful weekend of playing, singing and having a go.  We’ve learnt more, played more and enjoyed it more than ever.

From the walk-ups on Friday night, to the usual Jigarre Jammin’ on Saturday and the fabulous concert and supper that followed, to the gospel singing in the Community Church on Sunday morning with more food, it all went perfectly.

You could see groups all  over the camping area – learning, playing, rehearsing and all with smiles.  If you were having trouble with something, there was always someone to help.

Where else but Girgarre could you get all this for just $14?  You weren’t there?  Make sure you come to the next one later in the year!

Girgarre Moosic Muster 2017

A not-to-be-missed date for your diary – Friday January 6 to Sunday January 8!  Camp, play, learn, jam, smile, laugh!

More information will be provided as it comes to hand.

Don’t forget Jigarre Jammin’ each month.

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Official Girgarre Moosic Muster Page (January 2015) – sorry there is no link.