Jigarre Junkestra

Jigarre Junkestra at the 2017 Muster

ABC interview – Pete Gibson and Wallace Williams:

Are you one of those folk who have all sorts of bits and pieces stored away in a cupboard or shed that you thought might be useful one day?  Well, here’s the opportunity of a lifetime when it comes to showing off your creative skills.

Pete Gibson, a regular contributor to Jigarre Jammin’ and the Muster, has floated the idea of an ‘orchestra’ comprising instruments made from ‘junk’. The orchestra had a spot in the program at the 2017 Muster as the Jigarre Junkestra.  What a great idea, Pete.

If you were at last year’s Muster you may have seen the beginnings of the Junkestra.   The ‘Drawer Harp’ was made from a couple of old wooden drawers and some secondhand guitar strings.     There are so many options out there, anything from a pan pipe made from drinking straws to the cigar box guitars you see around markets, all it needs is you to get the creative juices flowing and start hammering it together.

It’s a terrific fun idea. The one and only proviso is that it has to be tuneful and able to play in the key of C – well, that’s two, but it leaves plenty of scope for all you creative folk out there. Over the next 11 months we’ll tell you more, but now is the time to put on the thinking caps and fossick around in that old cupboard or shed.     As your masterpieces take shape, send us a photo and we’ll see if we can find a spot for it, as an inspiration to others (unless it’s top secret of course!).

Here are the first of our instruments:  Pete made his Milodeum from a Milo tin and bits he found around the farm.  Graham made his Bikkie Banjo from a shortbread biscuit tin and bits he found, including the slide from a piece of pipe.   They’re setting a high benchmark!


Pete's Milodeum

Pete’s Milodeum

Graham’s Bikkie Banjo – with slide!

Pete Gibson and his oily guitar!

Wal in his shed with his tin fiddle