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Next Jigarre Jammin’!

Saturday 13th January 2018

The next JJ will be at the usual time, but during the Girgarre Moosic Muster.  After that we will have to wait until the 24th of February 2018, so don’t miss the Muster!


MUSIC IS LIFE – that’s why your heart has a beat!


Our Girgarre Muster 2018

  – where all music sessions are completely free of charge –  calls itself the most affordable and friendly acoustic festival in Victoria.

 We offer bluegrass, folk, blues, country, pop, gospel and contemporary music. You can enjoy free evening public concerts on two stages, workshops, continuous jamming, a free junior muster for primary children, and even free instrument loans.

Girgarre, located between Echuca and Shepparton, is a half-hour drive from each.

Muster venue is the air-conditioned Girgarre hall and park in Winter Road. Camping at the site incurs a small fee which includes three meals and full use of amenities over the entire muster period.

The highly popular Girgarre market takes place on the Sunday at the site, with bands playing.

The full program including band announcements will be posted here soon.

Girgarre ReViVal artist residency and
World Premiere of the Girgarre Sound Fence!

A big audience, a lovely night, a wonderful Junk Orchestra involving the whole school and performances by some of the bands associated with Jigarre Jammin’ with a sausage sizzle to finish – what more could you ask of a World Premiere?   Some photos from this fabulous premiere in Girgarre:

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Interview conducted for the Girgarre Gazette before the event:

With the first Girgarre ReViVal artist residency drawing to a close, Graeme Leak chatted with the Girgarre Gazette about his time so far and the plans to unveil the first of the town’s permanent sound installations at the Girgarre Primary School.

GG: A lot of people would be surprised that you’d want to come to such a tiny town as Girgarre – what attracted you to be a part of this project?

Graeme: “When I was first approached by representatives from the steering committee, Jan Smith and Carrie Donaldson, they filled me in on some of the community activities so far; the salvaging of the hall, the regular music jamming that has been going on for over a decade, the market, the muster.  I was really taken by the fact that, in the face of adversity Girgarre chose to cheer itself up using music – well, that was enough for me – that was the hook.

Also, the brief mentioned ‘transformation of the town through music and sound’ and in my work over the years I have come to believe in the transformative power of music – from a very practical perspective.”

GG: So tell us a little about what people can expect from the first of your installations.

Graeme: “At this point the working title is the Girgarre Sound Fence. We’re not sure this is the best and final name and welcome suggestions from anyone who has any ideas. But we don’t want to end up with Fencey MacFence Face so I don’t think we’ll have an official naming competition!

Like any musical instrument, people will kind of have to figure out how to play it.  It’s a wire fence with no frets or keys. It’s like a violin or a fretless bass.

The unique thing about this musical instrument is that it is situated in a playground and it borders on a recreation reserve.

The fence will become integral to the Girgarre Primary School playground culture.  We are planting a big musical instrument for kids to play with. They’ll be the caretakers and also the interpreters for visitors.

It’s also going to hum in the wind.  I can’t wait to string it up.”

GG: When will the Sound Fence be unveiled and ready to play?

Graeme: “We are busy preparing for the world premier of the Sound Fence with a concert on Wednesday 17th May at 6pm at the school.  All are welcome to attend. The kids, local groups and myself will present items. In addition to the fence we will also experience gentle chimes, ringing metal instruments, singing, dancing and a junk percussion orchestra.  It will be a roving concert around the school grounds that will finish at the fence.  At the end everyone will be invited to play the fence and to explore its sounds.”

What: The World Premiere of the Girgarre Sound Fence

Where: The Girgarre Primary School

When: Wednesday 17th May

Time: 6.00pm until 7.00pm

Cost: Free

Catering: onsite bbq and refreshments with all funds going toward the Girgarre PS music program

Parking: use the School Road carpark

Entry: audience will assemble at the bike shed outside the kindergarten

NB: in the case of wet weather, the concert WILL go ahead so come prepared with gumboots and wet weather gear.

If you need a seat please bring a folding chair.

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Don’t forget Jigarre Jammin’ each month – Feb to Nov

 The next one will be 25 November 2017

 And there’s also J-Ukes on the 1st, 2nd and sometimes 3rd Wednesday each mon