2016 Kids’ Muster


The numbers of children are limited to:  30

  • Duration: 10am to 3pm.
  • Location: Girgarre Kindergarten (see map in Brochure)
  • Children may attend as few or as many sessions as they wish, provided they are delivered/collected by a nominated adult.
  • They need to be signed in at least 5 minutes before their workshop.
  • At the time of signing in, parents can either give or withhold permission for their child to be photographed during activities for muster publicity purposes.
  • This is NOT childcare but an opportunity to learn to play/make/sing/write.
  • The leaders have the right to return any disobedient child to his/her adult, without question, in the interests of the other children.
  • A light, healthy lunch, snacks and drinks will be supplied. If your child needs special foods, please supply these.
  • Sessions will be supervised by qualified staff.


Click on this link  Workshop Program and Kids’ Muster to see activities offered.