Many people have aspired to play a musical instrument but have never been given the opportunity to try. This is your chance.

Workshop 1 – caters for people who have never played before or have a little knowledge of the basics.

WGirrgare Workshoporkshop 2 – is an opportunity for those who can already play and want to improve their skills.

We have some instruments for loan during the workshop – banjos, guitars, ukeleles, mandolins, violins. See John in the loan instrument/treasurer’s room at front of hall, leaving time to record your name etc. and then return the instrument promptly.

There will be a group of talented teachers to run the workshops. If you are able to assist in the running of the workshops, please approach any of the organisers.

Guitar 1 – Jan Dandridge. For those who have never played before.

Flat Pick Guitar 2 – John James. For those who know 3-4 chords and would like to try a bit of melody.

Guitar 3 – Pete Gibson. This workshop will show you how to finger pick a couple of tunes. You need to be confident with your chords.

Mandolin 1 – Dave Aumann. For those who have never played mando before.

Girrgare WorkshopMandolin 2 – Dave Aumann will take you on to the next stage once you have a few chords.

Mandolin 3 – Bob Lord. Come to this intimate group where Bob will help you improve your playing technique. You should be able to play melody of Soldiers Joy (or the like). Limited to first 6 people.

Banjo 1 – Andrew Barcham will show you the first basics of banjo playing.

Banjo 2 – Greg McGrath will take you to an intermediate level. You should know a few chords and have had a little playing experience. .

Violin 1 – Geoff Partridge and his Jigarre Jammin’ friends. Never played one? Come along to the starters’ workshop.

Violin 2 – to be confirmed. Come and learn some new tunes. Old timey/bluegrass.

Ukulele Madness – Trisha Scott and Bill Plant. Last year this was one of the most popular workshops. The leader had people playing tunes within the hour. This is for the absolute beginner to the seasoned ukey crank. You need no prior knowledge to get started, you will come out luvin’ it.

Double Bass 1 – Don Gula. This if for the absolute beginners. Please, no prior knowledge.

Girrgare Workshop

Double Bass 2 – Don Gula. if you have played before this is for you.

Singing workshop – Trisha Scott. Come and try singing Vocal Nosh style.. All ages, stages and voice ranges very welcome.

Harmony Singing – Dave Aumann. If you enjoy a singing challenge and the joy of making a beautiful sound with harmonies, this is for you.

Basics of Music Notation – Clark Morgan. This is your first step to understanding those dots everyone loves so much. Clark presents this in a simple, clear and thorough manner. A must –don’t miss this class.

The How, What, Why, When and Where About Chords – Clark Morgan. You will learn how to understand the structure of chords. You would need to have an instrument for which you understand the layout/notes and fingering for at least the basic chords. If you have a diagram of the layout of the notes for your instrument, that will come in handy.

Harmonica 1 – Wallace Williams. This should be your very first experience with the harmonica. You will learn the difference between straight and blues harp and the technique of making the different sounds, with the a view to learning a tune. You will need a “C” harmonica (available at Muster).

Blues Harmonica 1 – Wallace Williams. No experience needed. As above – you will learn a blues tune. You will need a “C” harmonica.

Clogging Workshop – Belinda Gibson. Originating in The Appalachian Mountains of America and danced to traditional mountain music and bluegrass, clogging is now also danced to modern country and other musical styles. Learn basic steps and we’ll have you dancing by the end of the session.

Organised/Impromptu Music Jams – You will see a few jam sessions in venues around the camp. Please form your own jams wherever you can – let’s get this little town humming.